I have always looked to the great masters not only of the goldsmith’s art, I think that a great source of inspiration is the furniture by Pietro Piffetti, one of the best cabinet makers of all time; and then Bruno Munari, the black and white of Franz Kline, the works of Stefan Sagmeister and David Carson, the Ramirez guitars and the Stradivarius violins. Beautiful shapes and colors are everywhere.

我一直關注金匠藝術大師們,我認為靈感來源於Pietro Piffetti的家具,Pietro Piffetti是有史以來最好的櫥櫃製造商之一; 然後是Bruno Munari,Franz Kline的黑白,Stefan Sagmeister和David Carson的作品,Ramirez吉他和Stradivarius小提琴。 美麗的形狀和顏色無處不在。
— Favarin on Italy Illustrated Magazine

Italian Handmade Jewel Design


With a profound respect for the traditions of craftsmanship, italian taste of beauty & quality, Mr. favarin knows that the result of centuries of experience, natural evolution and expertise need to be respected as form of art.

Mr.Favarin draws and think on that heritage and he only work on custom product with high specialised artisan. He believe in the value of quality & research, for this reason, the Diamonds used in Mr.Favarin's creations are certified diamonds by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), certified diamonds by IGI (Italian gemological institute) or certified diamonds by HRD.

Jewels’s production, after the design and modeling phase, is carried out by leading companies in the rapid prototyping with advanced technologies and hand-finished by carefully selected craftsmen, with centuries-old experience.

His strong background in high-tech, fashion, design thinking, sperimental technology and psichology are focus to reach new levels of perfection in Houte Jewellery. Mr. Favarin design and sign every single product.

The jewel becomes not only a form of global art movement based on individual style, but also an intimate treasure that acquire value togheter with the growning of Mr. Favarin itself. The sublime craftsmanship and inspiration are closed with sensibility and turn any single piece in a timeless form of art.




他在高科技,時尚,設計思維,技術和心理學方面的強大背景緻力於在Houte Jewellery中達到新的完美水平。法瓦林先生設計並簽署每一件產品。





Born on 1982, Simone Favarin spent his childhood in Turin, the first capital of italy, a city of culture, nobility and elegance which would permanently influence and inspire him to create timeless luxury goods.

His works has been present at international fair as Artissima, La Biennale di Venezia,Sight and Sound Festival and 150th Anniversary of Italy as selected artist and he achieved more than 12 awards in different Design fields.

The ring N°0 inspired by the Egyptian goddess Hathor. The Goddess of joy, love and beauty was finalist at the European Goldsmith's competition "Alla corte di Federico” in September 2018 at Jesi, Italy.

He has always been instinctively and naturally attracted by Goldsmith’s technology, Gems & Art and he graduated in the oldest school of Goldsmith & Jewels Designer in Italy: "E.G. Ghirardi". Founded in 1904 in Turin (Italy), the E.G. Ghirardi is the first Italian school dedicated to the Goldsmith who teaches technical and professional skills in the industry and is recognized as one of the prestigious Italian schools with prestigious students such as the goldsmith Enrico Cirio.

A continous overflow of creativity inspired by nature & music drive every single creation. Mr. Favarin saw the potential of Jewellery as an exciting, relevant part of human being. Every design request or ideas are conceived as a unique form of Fine Art.



環形N°0靈感來自埃及女神哈索爾。 2018年9月在意大利傑西舉行的歐洲戈德史密斯競賽“Alla corte di Federico”中,歡樂,愛情和美麗的女神入圍決賽。

他一直本能地,自然地被戈德史密斯的技術,寶石和藝術所吸引,並畢業於意大利歷史最悠久的戈德史密斯和珠寶設計師學校:“E.G。Ghirardi”。 E.G.於1904年在都靈(意大利)成立。 Ghirardi是第一所致力於Goldsmith的意大利學校,教授該行業的技術和專業技能,並被公認為著名學生之一的著名學生之一,如金匠Enrico Cirio。